What is PBM?

Hundreds of studies since NASA’s groundbreaking research in 1996 and continuing today at venerable institutions like Harvard, Mass General and Stanford have show that PHOTOBIOMODULATION affects the cells of the body in a number of beneficial ways with positive side effects. Each wavelength or color seems to have its own level of effectiveness and what we call a ‘healing signature’. By varying the wavelengths, our theory is that we can create benefits that work in synergy with each other to reduce the toxic threshold and inflammation within the cells, increase cellular energy, circulation and thus increase cell life.When you can heal the cells without harmful side effects, the benefits cascade down into the tissues, organs and system, benefiting the entire body.


100's of studies spanning two decades suggest that LED Light Therapy or PhotoBioModulation presents a long list of positive health benefits with minimal if any side effects. Researchers suggest that it increases mitochondrial function producing more usable ATP (energy), reduces inflammation (the leading cause of mortality diseases), increases angiogenesis of new arteries, detoxifies the cells of waste and free radicals and helps release Nitric Oxide. All of this with minimal if any side effects.


Studies from institutions like Harvard, Stanford and Mass General suggest that LED Light Therapy clusters can create positive effects on cognition, improving brain function in people suffering from TBI, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.


Dozens of studies for over 20 years have shown that LED Light Therapy can benefit the skin by increasing cellular energy and reducing toxicity and inflammation. They suggest that increases in collagen and tightening of elastin proteins can thicken and tighten skin with minimal if any side effects.


Researchers studying athletic performance have shown the LED Light Therapy or PBM can (1) increase single rep max (2) increase total reps before failure and (3) increase total reps within a set time frame. In addition, it has been shown to protect from mechanical injuries that happen during training or intense competition. You Just Get Better!