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Primal Ice Presents: Reawaken


is a sexy buzzword in the fitness industry.

Basically, it's the union of

Mind and Body.

Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a foam roller. Everyone knows a few stretches, yoga poses, and exercises. Scrap all that!

Reawaken is a class geared towards reinvigorating the brain and body with stimulation of the sensory and motor parts of the brain through self massage, controlled stretching, movement, and awareness training. If you struggle with mobility and nagging aches and pains from life and training, this course is for you!

Reawaken is not your typical class. Centered on focused intensity, Primal Ice and their coaches, Raymond and Chris, will guide you and help you explore how to recover and reinvigorate your body to empower you and get you closer to your goals.

Reawaken live in effect

Posted by Primal Ice on Saturday, November 12, 2016

"First move well, then move often"

Class size is limited. Call or message us for available dates and times. 

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Elemental Brawn

"You can be anything you want. But you must be strong first"

Centered on developing strength using StrongFirst principles, you will be guided in kettle bell and body weight movements to bare true inner strength from the groupd up. Flow like water, turn hard as the earth, breath fire and move weight like air. 

Class size is limited. Call or Message us for available dates and times. 

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For inquiries and class scheduling, call 408-857-4557

Coming Soon - Ancestral Health

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