The Cold Crew

Lindsay Weeks

Lindsay is the owner and technician of Primal Ice. Her passion for helping people has led her to becoming the 1st Whole Body Cryotherapy location in San Jose. You will be in good hands as you embark on a 3 minute trip to temperatures colder than the surface of the moon, her smile and genuine care for her clients will warm your heart and get you through 3 very cold minutes leaving you feeling amazing for the rest of your day.


Heather Souza

Heather is a cryotherapy technician at Primal IceSan Jose. She enjoys the recovery benefits of a cryotherapy session after a long run or intense workout. She has also found that cryotherapy helps to ease the pain of crohns flare ups caused by inflammation. Her bubbly personality makes the 3 minute session fly by and makes for a fun cryo experience!


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